Christian counseling ministers to the whole person: spirit, soul (mind and emotions), and body. While Dr. Kimberly gives you counsel based on the Word of God, you will find remedies to overcome issues and take back your mental and emotional health through the practical application of both scripture and best practices. Kimberly will help you clarify your values and work toward accomplishing your goals. She facilitates each session, knowing that God’s truth and love will reveal His perspective, which will lead to transformation and, ultimately, restoration. Through honest exploration and intentional work in each session, you will discover that your Heavenly Father is with you and that He has the answers for each of your concerns.

Coaching empowers and equips you to continue the process of becoming. Dr. Kimberly partners with you through active listening, encouragement, and shared visioning to realize God’s plan for your life. Through a series of questions and guided exercises, she helps you to shift your life view and focus on how He has perfectly equipped you for the opportunities He lovingly placed before you. During coaching, you will be able to identify the fears and past experiences that limit your belief in yourself and begin to use them as stepping stones on the path forward.

Deliverance is the casting out of demons. Dr. Kimberly listens to you, gaining an understanding of your background and current issues. From there, she will teach you the principles and power of deliverance. Following your prayer deliverance session(s), Dr. Kimberly will equip you with the knowledge and practices necessary to build upon and maintain what you learned.

You do not have to be a believer and follower of Jesus Christ to benefit from counseling (also known as therapy) with me. However, I believe that only God Himself brings about deep and lasting change to our mind, body, and soul. With that said, Biblical teaching, resources, and prayer are components of the sessions.

Any individual desiring healing, wholeness, purpose, or change in some area of their life will benefit from counseling. We all have lived through experiences that are still affecting us today. There is no problem too small or too big for therapy. But usually, some indicators that you could benefit from therapy are changes in your mood or behavior. For instance, an increase in irritability, stress, anxiety, sadness, or guilt, or you notice that you are triggered by certain situations. Additionally, if you notice a change in your sleep pattern or appetite. Another sign that it may be time to see a counselor is if you feel that your current support system is unable to give you the type of support you need now. Finally, therapy is a safe place where there is no judgment, thereby giving you the space to be open, honest, and vulnerable so that you can obtain the healing and restoration that is right up ahead for you.

Yes! My Life Restored Counseling provides Christian counseling services worldwide via Technology Assisted Counseling (TAC).

Technology Assisted Counseling with My Life Restored includes telephone and video counseling, which allows for flexible scheduling options so you can get the help you need when and where you need it.

Benefits of TAC include:
1. Convenience: Counseling options for any time and location without travel.
2. Accessibility: Reduces wait time such as with scheduled office appointments.
3. Comfort: Increases availability of services to homebound clients, those with limited mobility or without convenient transportation options from the comfort of their preferred location.

Like traditional, in-person counseling, you will meet with Dr. Kimberly to discuss the challenges and goals that you have.

  • Telephone: At your scheduled appointment time, you will receive a call from Dr. Kimberly.
  • Video Chat: Prior to your scheduled appointment time, you will be provided with a link to the My Life Restored – Simple Practice Client Portal that will take you to the video chat. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

Every session is different. We discuss your thoughts, feelings, and experiences and how your life may be impacted. Typically, you talk, you reflect, I listen, I ask questions and validate you, support you, and hold you accountable. Additionally, I teach you how to self-regulate (or cope with any dysregulation), and I remind you of God’s truth and His plan for your life. Sometimes we will also work through exercises or homework to help you to walk through your journey of healing and restoration.

My Life Restored Counseling does not take insurance.

The first session is called the intake session. During the intake session, you will tell me why you have chosen counseling. I will ask you questions in a variety of areas, such as current symptoms, mental health history, family relationships, and career, in order to gain an overall sense of who you are and what you are currently dealing with. Lastly, we will talk about your short-term and long-term goals for therapy.

That is entirely up to you! I recommend weekly sessions, but it is important to have a frequency that helps you build and sustain the momentum needed to work towards your goals. The frequency and number of sessions greatly depend upon your commitment to the process.

Well, that is actually a good time to schedule a session. Mental illness, trauma, or crisis does not have to be actively taking place in your life. It would be beneficial to give therapy a try even before a crisis situation emerges.

As a clinical Christian counselor and Life Coach, I am not authorized to prescribe medication to you. However, I can assist you in speaking with your primary care physician or a psychiatrist about further assessment in order to find a medication regime that is helpful for your mental and emotional health.

My normal schedule is Monday – Friday, 11 AM – 6 PM. However, I do work one Saturday a month to meet the needs of my clients. You can find my availability online, where all appointments are scheduled.

Appointments are typically 60 minutes.

No. Your attendance and everything you say during your sessions is confidential and will not be shared without your permission. However, there are a few exceptions in extreme circumstances that are clearly explained in the Counseling Consent Agreement.

The rate depends on the service provided – Please see Services.

You may make an appointment directly from this website. Visit the Schedule an Appointment page now, to begin scheduling your appointment. You will be sent the initial forms and given access to the Simple Practice Client Portal for our virtual sessions.

There is a 24-hour Cancellation Policy that is outlined in the Counseling Consent Agreement.

In addition to her expertise in counseling and coaching, Dr. Kimberly is a two-time author of If It Were A Snake and Royalty Rescued and an experienced speaker. Visit the Contact page to reach her directly to discuss proposed speaking engagements, availability, and pricing.